What Does it Cost?

A Lot Less than It Costs to Keep Smoking!

The average pack-a-day smoker spends around $3,200 a year, every year, on cigarettes.

I charge a one-time fee of $689. That includes my written guarantee for life.

In less than 3 months as a non-smoker, you will have gotten your money back, and 12 months after that, you’ll have enough for a really nice vacation, or a healthy down payment for a new car, or a great start on the grandkid’s education fund. And you will save $3,200 every year for the remaining years of your longer, healthier life!

Many of my clients tell me they have spent more than my one-time fee on nicotine patches, drugs, or cheap hypnotists…and have failed. If you are sincere about wanting to quit and you work with me, you will succeed…guaranteed!

I accept all major credit cards, or I would welcome your personal check.

If necessary, we can discuss a no-interest payment plan.