Phone Hypnosis

Did you know Hypnosis works just as well or even better over the phone as face-to-face?

Perhaps this is a bit of a new idea for you, but it really is true.

I have worked with folks from all over the world for many years just using the phone. And I have found that phone hypnosis works even more effectively than it does in the office. You can relax better in your own environment, where you can feel more comfortable and safe. And you don’t have to deal with the hassle and stress of driving to someone’s office. Many people feel much more comfortable knowing that some stranger isn’t staring at them while they have their eyes closed!!

Since I’m not tied down to an office, I can be much more flexible to accommodate your schedule, including evenings and weekends.

How does it work? Create a calm and relaxing environment where you won’t be disturbed. No kids. Maybe no pets, though I have clients with mellow friends who tend to zone right out along with them. Whatever makes you comfortable. Dim lighting can be helpful, and if you want to softly play some relaxing music, that’s fine, but not necessary. Sit in a comfortable chair or recliner, or rest on a bed. Whatever is comfortable for you. You can use a speaker phone, a headset, or a Bluetooth device. Actually, most of my clients use speaker on their cell phone. It all works very well.

Give me a call. I always do a free consultation. I’d love to talk with you anytime. Just give me a call!

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